Wholesale Fish - Live or Frozen

FISH FOR AFRICA was established early 2016 as a family business, on the banks of the Olifants River near Loskop Dam. The fish farm specialises in breeding and growing mainly 2 Tilapia species. O.Mozambicus (blue kurper) and Rendalli (red breasted kurper) both species are indigenous in our area.

Preselected high-quality brood stock of both species was procured and introduced into the operation. The current operation produces approximately 500 000 fish per annum. Fingerlings, Juveniles, adult fish and breeding pairs are also for sale.

Breeding pairs are kept in breeding tanks. Fries and eggs are collected from brood stock and then transferred to the glass aquariums. Healthy and stabilized fries are transferred to bigger dams and ponds and fed to fingerling size. Fingerlings are then transferred to 600 cubic meter soil dams for growing out purposes.

FISH FOR AFRICA provides a one stop facility that can supply all fish farm equipment and brood stock.